Boost employee engagement and increase your competitiveness.

Track your teams' goals and reward them with our custom rewards engine.

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Create and track your team's goals

Closely monitor your team's goals and reward their achievements.

Establish goals, whether they are quantifiable or not.

Track goal progress to measure success.

Allocate rewards linked to achieved goals.

Stay informed about your teams' operational progress.

Create and track your team's goals

Create the catalog that reflects your company

Your catalog will allow your teams to exchange the points you distribute to them for different types of rewards.

Company products (goodies)

Non-monetary rewards (days off, volunteering, etc.)

Gift cards, culture vouchers, etc.

Events, experiences, exclusive webinars, etc.

Create the catalog 
 that reflects your company

Choose from the hoostr catalog

Design your catalog in two minutes by selecting products from the hoostr catalog. Just assign them a value in points, and you're all set.

Hundreds of gift cards

Different types

Logistics handled by Hoostr

Choose from 
 the hoostr catalog

Send points

A job well done, a birthday, or a special moment. Send points to your teams in a few clicks.

Transactions history


Manual sending from the dashboard

Automated sending with our API

Send points

Track orders

Keep control by approving or declining orders placed by your collaborators in exchange for their points.

Track orders

Much more than just a rewards program

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Embrace a CSR approach by integrating donations or activities with associations into your catalog.

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Employer branding

Rewarding employees creates a positive environment, attracting talents, and improving the company's reputation.

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Rewarding employees boosts their motivation and engagement, leading to increased productivity.

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Rewarding employees enhances their motivation and satisfaction, thereby promoting a better quality of work life.

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